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Hi, long to no see

Hi sorry for very long never post anything in this blog.
Recently I lost Idea what I gonna post and lately I really have little time online.
It’s already 6 month that I start my second job and hope it’s still can continue till second years.
Also, This month I recently visit to doctor, last 3 week I visit and get result I get typhoid in low level (that still can be cured).
Also maybe in this week maybe Monday, I want to check again to doctor to check that in my throat is really okay.
Honestly, I feel something strange in my throat, It’s feel like something in it. and make me uneasy to swallow saliva.
And also want to visit dentist to check my teeth.
last 2 days ago, I read about mouth cancer, and it’s really make me more aware about my mouth and teeth. That in 23th years ago I never aware about it. And hope it still can be cured. (pray).

And I hope you too, more care about your body condition, being healthy is not easy but needd (and this word it for me too, because to careless type).
And if you want to see my desktop wallpaper you can visit that now i used for upload my design.

Okay see you again in other post. Bye (wave)

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Hi long time not see

1st Happy New year 2012
2nd Sorry for not post in long period *bow*
3rd sorry for not update
4th Now not really touch internet so much like before
5th have no idea what gonna post (really)
6th my activity now in saturday & sunday : rest, cleaning room, washing laundry, and diet *shy*
7th not done yet or not touch yet my translate project *sorry2*

Oh yeah mybe you interest in mystery theme radio, now i getting interst listen MFR radio
you can download in
now already 5 episode
[2011.11.11] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #01
[2011.11.25] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #02 -前編-
[2011.12.02] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #02 -後編-
[2011.12.09] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #03 -前編-
[2011.12.16] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #03 -後編-
[2011.12.22] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #04 -前編-
[2011.12.30] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #04 -後編-
[2012.01.06] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #05 -前編-

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Happy Vesak Day 2555

Today Is Vesak Day all around the world.
It’s for celebrate or can say to remind what Sang Buddha shared his Dharma to the world. (cmmiw)
Wish with this Vesak Day, more people (including my-self) will
1. train her/him self to stop and avoid for killing living thing.
2. train her/him self to stop and avoid for take items that not giving to her/him.
3. train her/him self to stop and avoid for immoral actions.
4. train her/him self to stop and avoid for said something that not right (like: lying).
5. train her/him self to stop and avoid for any substance that can weaken the consciousness.
That five point base on Buddhist Pancasila (I take a look in my Guiding Religious Ceremony Buddha ).

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukkittatha
Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.


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I’m back!!!!

So long (really), how are you?

Already 1 moth 1 week I start working, and I still not good yet in adaption with working situation. My boss look like not happy with my broking result (including my own-self feel something not right about my working). make many mass, error and miss (dunno why ==a, I do the best, but my body can sync yet with my feel, and the result is bad really bad). I got 3 month for testing before becoming permanent. But, I not sure It’s can continue or not.

btw, I think I miss up when I working is :
1. Kanon new album -> A new story.
I hunt in internet today, but only found the ads link, not shared link (where the uplaoder? 😦 need you to share this one), and make my step to buying original (I not really interest to buy original item, not because the high price, but I don’t have a place to put it ==’)
2. gackt new single (not have the title yet), and gackt will tour to Europe (lucky to you guys, that you lives in Europe)

And what really into me now…
1. Steins;gate, really interest in this story, I download the drama cd, game (not install yet), manga, and anime.
2. leveling up my skill, i want to level up my skill with join course, but that still no information yet about when the course will begin T_T.
3. doing my job more correctly (feel what i do going not right, i really stress me)
4. watching oprah video that i download in net (not have satellite tv yet)

What piss me off now
1. my leak of knowledge about administration job
2. how small i see about the people thinking and action (i never think that in working place, people only think about them self 😦 be friendly please)
3. the member of my living place (read: dorm), the person really make me want to hit her. only said bad thing and never commit her mistake and action. only can said other people “bad thing” that she made it and said it to new person, to made me like bad people. (I never talk to her already 3years, and yesterday night (14th May 2011) we have a conflict with simple problem, that i don’t really get it. why she really made me angry so much).

my reflection of what i do
1. doing everything must be check up again, and gain to make sure everything is okay (before give it to boss)
2. put aside personal thinking and ego
3. what i talk is become different when people hear it and take about what i said.
4. just do, learn, and keep searching the new opportunities
5. smile 🙂 and accept any mistake (sorry boss, still nervous it’s my first time sorry3x)
6. Focus focus focus….

That all, I will update again later.
Keep moving myself…., never give up it’s just beginning


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Hi! We Meet Again!

So, yeah Long time not see

Last 14 days ago I in very bad condition, I get nose blood in 4 days and completely make my down, after checking to doctor and give me some medicine, now my condition getting better (not so bad like that time). Also after that in 23-24 March I participate in my university job expo, already apply in many company, but not yet get call (TwT).

And so, you know about in past i used summary what book I read and getting stop because bored & bad health condition (always in low condition in past), I start it again but in different blog (to make sure this blog is clean ==a, not like my last time blog very – very messy). I make it in two language Indonesia & English, all the post is summary from the book I read, including e-book, journal, magazine also hard-copy book. But I put it little by little. If you don’t mind you can click the ads to help me little, but that not the point. I wish what i post is can help or maybe give you new information about something.

Oh yeah the link is here, you can visit it, I not put anything, blogspot is really difficult to use, I more comfort using wordpress. Most of the widget is really irritating, just to add, but need this or that. (haha why I complaint now lol). Anyways I get information about Angel beats Season 2, but not sure it’s not hoax (lol hope no, but by watching ep 13.5 in angel beats! it said “next stage”).

And what I gonna say now, It’s april mop right? But I not gonna lie people, cos I very bad in lying. *laugh*

So, last word, Happy April and enjoy your day more and more. Anyways if you looking about anime I will give you my list website where I get it (hope this maybe usefull, but all anime I download now in small size just to save my hard disk space), and here the list : (all in mediafire link, mostly i visit here.) LQ & HQ (vietnam forum, I not have id here, dunno about registration. Anyone want to help me? for LQ the put it in MF, and yeah mostly in MF) (chinese web and P2P. I suing Emule that official application that they use. You can download the english version too, but not hope the web change the language :p )

nyaatorrent (best source for hunt japanese stuff, for me ok. or you have any recommend to me?)

Also my secret weapon to download music, video, and ebooks. I using keyword via using search engine, you can use it too.

here the keyword: “site:website(dot)domain title filetype”

It’s work when i using google & yahoo. for more efficient using search engine.

Anywhay you can add my Facebook here, I don’t mind to add you, but maybe you can see my black side (laugh). I too melancholy, and I never remover other people in facebook (only when they attack me badly), but mostly someone remove me first (laugh).

And that all, let’s meet again in other post ^^/”

See you again 🙂

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Pray For JAPAN, and The Rest of The World…

Yesterday was nightmare for Japanese people, big earthquake & tsunami.
We are lived outside from Japan, only can pray and hope they will safe.
Not only for the artist, but for all people that may lost they loves, friends, kids, or place to live.

Not only word, but action, pray and hope, also pray for them.
Disaster, is only one thing that can make us united, filed the same thing.

Let’s pray & give help with what you can give.
Hope everyone is gonna be alright, and be strong.

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Sorry for very very very long time not post
I really stress for about 5 month, that still not find a job.
and my skill still lack (or i can say not good enough (for my own standard and what I see)

Now Most of my time spending listening AB! radio, learn Japanese language (alone), make CV + resume, design and take a rest.
my design you can find it in facebook & r381 blog
Anime I watch now only Madoka, but now very addictive just follow it.

Look like I still not find idea to post in this blog, can’t find something really interest me like kara no kyoukai, angel beats, marina (singer), etc.
I hope i can find it soon.

And many of you request and my own set project not touch yet. (sorry)

Thanks for your visit, and sorry for my lack of consistency.


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