Hi, long to no see

Hi sorry for very long never post anything in this blog.
Recently I lost Idea what I gonna post and lately I really have little time online.
It’s already 6 month that I start my second job and hope it’s still can continue till second years.
Also, This month I recently visit to doctor, last 3 week I visit and get result I get typhoid in low level (that still can be cured).
Also maybe in this week maybe Monday, I want to check again to doctor to check that in my throat is really okay.
Honestly, I feel something strange in my throat, It’s feel like something in it. and make me uneasy to swallow saliva.
And also want to visit dentist to check my teeth.
last 2 days ago, I read about mouth cancer, and it’s really make me more aware about my mouth and teeth. That in 23th years ago I never aware about it. And hope it still can be cured. (pray).

And I hope you too, more care about your body condition, being healthy is not easy but needd (and this word it for me too, because to careless type).
And if you want to see my desktop wallpaper you can visit junshibuya.deviantart.com that now i used for upload my design.

Okay see you again in other post. Bye (wave)

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Hi long time not see

1st Happy New year 2012
2nd Sorry for not post in long period *bow*
3rd sorry for not update
4th Now not really touch internet so much like before
5th have no idea what gonna post (really)
6th my activity now in saturday & sunday : rest, cleaning room, washing laundry, and diet *shy*
7th not done yet or not touch yet my translate project *sorry2*

Oh yeah mybe you interest in mystery theme radio, now i getting interst listen MFR radio
you can download in http://radibrary.tistory.com
now already 5 episode
[2011.11.11] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #01
[2011.11.25] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #02 -前編-
[2011.12.02] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #02 -後編-
[2011.12.09] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #03 -前編-
[2011.12.16] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #03 -後編-
[2011.12.22] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #04 -前編-
[2011.12.30] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #04 -後編-
[2012.01.06] MFR-Mystery Frontier Reporters!! #05 -前編-

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update 21.09.2011

[2011.08.24] Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局 #10 (Guest – 岩佐岳(アニメーションプロデューサー)) << sachou!!!!!!!
[2011.09.16] Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局 #11 (Guest – 花澤香菜)


Need to find a job again, wish me luck.

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Recruiting Laskar SOS Staff

require :
1. Translator/Checker
2. Encoder/Uploader/Mirrorer
3. Timer/K-timer
4. Typesetter/Effector
5. Editor/Quality Checker

requirement tiap job :
– Translator = MINIMAL Eng -> Ind ; klo bisa JP -> Indo saya prioritaskan
– Checker = Skill jepang minimal bisa ngerti nonton naruto bleach one piece raw
– Encoder = Komputer/Lappie minimal pentium 4 dengan ram 1GB
– Uploader = Inet upload minim 50kBps
– Mirrorer = Inet upload minim 200kBps
– Timer = feeling
– K-timer = kesabaran
– Typeset = ngerti aegisub 10% dari fungsinya
– Effector = bisa pke karaoke effect ato bahkan bikin
– Editor = mengerti bahasa gaul indonesia
– Quality checker = mata jeli

semua posisi ini ditujukan kepada semua orang yang tertarik , newbie maupun expert.
untuk yang bener2 newbie dan pingin mencoba (Kecuali uploader/Mirrorer) akan saya kasih tutorial dan saya ajari selama 3 bulan (pas saya OL aj )

silahkan bagi yang berminat, email aj ke Doki.skybreakerz@gmail.com ato bisa post comment disini

demikian pengumuman hari ini, bagi yang maw bergabung, pengarahan akan di mulai pada tanggal 8 september 2011

LaskarSOS developer : Tsukishiro “Cermin” Kagami
Taken from : laskarsos.co.cc
PS: I’m also team member but still newbe, so yoroshiku ><

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Update 27.08.2011

Sorry for late update, my power supply is dead and have trouble in budgeting *dead*
and little bit “busy” with course I take.

here update for steins;gate radio for 8 and 9
[2011.07.27] Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局 #08 (Guest – 田村 ゆかり)
[2011.08.10] Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局 #09 (Guest – 宮野真守)

Also, Happy Eid al-Fitr for Muslim Peoples.

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Angel Beats! SSS radio (Part 2!)

ANGEL.BEATS!.SSS(死んだ.世界.戦線)RADIO.特別配信回.[110707](櫻井浩美・喜多村英梨) << review about djcd 1-6 with Eri-san view.

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update 27.07.2011

[2011.07.13] Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局 #07 (Guest 关智一)

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