Getting insomnia is not good…

ok, bad news fro me, i get insomnia in 2 weeks
and cure 5 days ago, but get that again ==”
btw, i played the sims 2, but not very complete install, just few haha
to be polite, i really know what should i post now.
in this 2 month i not found yet something very interest me

that why , i not post anything lately.
I really sorry m(_ _)m

I also wait to graduated, but the GPA not good 😦 (for my own standard ><", late to realize that GPA not good )
what i doing lately more 75% sleep (that insomnia, kill my time really) 20% play games (play the sims 2 )
5% cleaning, eat, & bath

my myself isn’t believe too O.o
how can i live like that (my weeks is lost just like that, damn so stupid i’m)
today i fight with myself
the theme is “own-self vs insomnia”
sound stupid, but that i do it today.
already tired insomnia taken control my body.
time to take back !!!
(see you again in other post ok. ^^v
btw, do you have any recommend anything, except something adult or bad . ok 😉 )

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