I’m back!!!!

So long (really), how are you?

Already 1 moth 1 week I start working, and I still not good yet in adaption with working situation. My boss look like not happy with my broking result (including my own-self feel something not right about my working). make many mass, error and miss (dunno why ==a, I do the best, but my body can sync yet with my feel, and the result is bad really bad). I got 3 month for testing before becoming permanent. But, I not sure It’s can continue or not.

btw, I think I miss up when I working is :
1. Kanon new album -> A new story.
I hunt in internet today, but only found the ads link, not shared link (where the uplaoder? 😦 need you to share this one), and make my step to buying original (I not really interest to buy original item, not because the high price, but I don’t have a place to put it ==’)
2. gackt new single (not have the title yet), and gackt will tour to Europe (lucky to you guys, that you lives in Europe)

And what really into me now…
1. Steins;gate, really interest in this story, I download the drama cd, game (not install yet), manga, and anime.
2. leveling up my skill, i want to level up my skill with join course, but that still no information yet about when the course will begin T_T.
3. doing my job more correctly (feel what i do going not right, i really stress me)
4. watching oprah video that i download in net (not have satellite tv yet)

What piss me off now
1. my leak of knowledge about administration job
2. how small i see about the people thinking and action (i never think that in working place, people only think about them self 😦 be friendly please)
3. the member of my living place (read: dorm), the person really make me want to hit her. only said bad thing and never commit her mistake and action. only can said other people “bad thing” that she made it and said it to new person, to made me like bad people. (I never talk to her already 3years, and yesterday night (14th May 2011) we have a conflict with simple problem, that i don’t really get it. why she really made me angry so much).

my reflection of what i do
1. doing everything must be check up again, and gain to make sure everything is okay (before give it to boss)
2. put aside personal thinking and ego
3. what i talk is become different when people hear it and take about what i said.
4. just do, learn, and keep searching the new opportunities
5. smile 🙂 and accept any mistake (sorry boss, still nervous it’s my first time sorry3x)
6. Focus focus focus….

That all, I will update again later.
Keep moving myself…., never give up it’s just beginning


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