April MOP? -edit-

Happy April mop…
Did you already fool other friends or you are the one get fooled?
And lucky or no, I not get fooled yet today :p (change I got fooled >< )
maybe because I fall asleep more then 12 hour today LOL
When wake up already night, so good bye April MOP :p

Btw, in this April what you gonna do?
new project or something you want to finish?

i have some project must finish.
1. my thesis, must getting done before next Month minimum 70% of the thesis
2. new project for this blog, make some pdf of kara no kyoukai translate of Bakatsuki to be pdf with many thing included, and always put the credit .
3. finishing other project that already post n this blog (and hope it really finish –” )
4. more serious think about the “job” that I must take in life –a
5. more serious to study (to much playing and online maybe :p )

And do you already download Sakamoto Maaya – everywhere?

let’s update
ok, now i say i get fooled by this picture –”
dam you Typemoon (lol)
Thanks to ferdi for this image, you really fooled me RFOL

Have a fun day everyone ^^

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