My Personality




INFP – The “Dreamer

INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginitive, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.

INFP Career Matches

INFPs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Dreamer/Visionary personality.

  • Activist
  • Actor
  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Church Worker
  • Counselor
  • Editor
  • Educational Consultant
  • Employee Development Specialist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Filmmaker
  • Graphic/Web Designer
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Human Resources
  • Journalist
  • Legal Mediator
  • Librarian
  • Massage Therapist
  • Minister
  • Missionary
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Psychologist/Counselor
  • Researcher
  • Social Scientist
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Video Editor
  • Writer

NF Temperament – The “Visionaries”

NFs are introspective, intuitive and highly idealistic. They are subjective, compassionate “feeler” people that desire to contribute goodness and meaning to the lives of others. They are effective at doing this through their nurturing, insightful and encouraging nature. NFs despise conflict. They will do everything they can to make sure their loved ones get along with each other and are happy. NFs are imaginitive, creatively inclined and passionate about their choice causes.

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9 responses to “My Personality

  1. ari

    nice personality Jun ^^

  2. SpearOfDawn

    Interesting… The dreamer.

  3. your personality is fun =D

  4. Im just passing by :haha:

  5. good personality, jun 😀

    *susah amat mau nulis inggris aja

  6. anti

    just like jun in idws 😀

    mi kan cm kenal jun di idws 😀

  7. haha it’s me ^^a
    thanks to visit

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