Hi! We Meet Again!

So, yeah Long time not see

Last 14 days ago I in very bad condition, I get nose blood in 4 days and completely make my down, after checking to doctor and give me some medicine, now my condition getting better (not so bad like that time). Also after that in 23-24 March I participate in my university job expo, already apply in many company, but not yet get call (TwT).

And so, you know about in past i used summary what book I read and getting stop because bored & bad health condition (always in low condition in past), I start it again but in different blog (to make sure this blog is clean ==a, not like my last time blog very – very messy). I make it in two language Indonesia & English, all the post is summary from the book I read, including e-book, journal, magazine also hard-copy book. But I put it little by little. If you don’t mind you can click the ads to help me little, but that not the point. I wish what i post is can help or maybe give you new information about something.

Oh yeah the link is here, you can visit it, I not put anything, blogspot is really difficult to use, I more comfort using wordpress. Most of the widget is really irritating, just to add, but need this or that. (haha why I complaint now lol). Anyways I get information about Angel beats Season 2, but not sure it’s not hoax (lol hope no, but by watching ep 13.5 in angel beats! it said “next stage”).

And what I gonna say now, It’s april mop right? But I not gonna lie people, cos I very bad in lying. *laugh*

So, last word, Happy April and enjoy your day more and more. Anyways if you looking about anime I will give you my list website where I get it (hope this maybe usefull, but all anime I download now in small size just to save my hard disk space), and here the list :

anime4psp.ucoz.com (all in mediafire link, mostly i visit here.)

ani4free.com LQ & HQ (vietnam forum, I not have id here, dunno about registration. Anyone want to help me? for LQ the put it in MF, and yeah mostly in MF)

verycd.com (chinese web and P2P. I suing Emule that official application that they use. You can download the english version too, but not hope the web change the language :p )

nyaatorrent (best source for hunt japanese stuff, for me ok. or you have any recommend to me?)

Also my secret weapon to download music, video, and ebooks. I using keyword via using search engine, you can use it too.

here the keyword: “site:website(dot)domain title filetype”

It’s work when i using google & yahoo. for more efficient using search engine.

Anywhay you can add my Facebook here, I don’t mind to add you, but maybe you can see my black side (laugh). I too melancholy, and I never remover other people in facebook (only when they attack me badly), but mostly someone remove me first (laugh).

And that all, let’s meet again in other post ^^/”

See you again 🙂

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