Long time to chath and post

sorry for this un-update in this blog
tell the truth, busy to learning & manage self to move forward
that focus in this 1-2 month is learning programming, psychology, interview and basic math
to going to apply in workplace.

What programming language I learn?
here you are, HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, ASP, photoshop, dreamwaver, CFML.
also improving in my listening language, in Japanese, English and an others language

but all still basic, maybe 2 years after this. I will make move forward more easy.
to be honest, I’m still lank of confident, not about I scare to be rejected, but more not want to face the reality.

btw, for CFML, anyone know where to find CF server?

and also, Thanks to visit this blog
and sorry for no update lately
m(_ _)m

little present:

[110112] 坂本真綾 7th アルバム 「You can’t catch me」 初回限定 2枚組
mediafire | mediafire (credit to uploader)
My favorite songs in this album is utsukusi hito, stand up girl, & himitsu.

btw, look like I need more to take a look at twitter, never interest in twitter before.
But why not to try, maybe make a new id in there.
oh yeah, my other blog r381 (about my summary that I learn about) & story of mind (*shy*, I’m learn to write lyric).
and again Thanks for visit ^^

and so, I forget again (-//-; )
About FFXIII already announce that going second season
the video already in youtobe
(/going to open youtube, where is it…., search2x, ah here….)

and yeahhhhhh
change banner (excited ,,,,,, > <")

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