Kanon – A New Story

track List (w/o TOBERU MONO <<- if you have it, share it please 🙂 )
1. プレリュード (FINAL FANTASY Seriesより) – PRELUDE
2. ファイナルファンタジー (FINAL FANTASY Seriesより) – FINAL FANTASY
3. You Are The Light – YOU ARE THE LIGHT
4. Eyes On Me (FINAL FANTASY ?[より) – EYES ON ME
5. Far Away – FAR AWAY
6. Guin Saga Medley (マリウスの歌-Saga〜This is my road) – GUIN SAGA MEDLEY
9. Shalom – SHALOM
10. Blessed By The Light – BLESSED BY THE LIGHT
11. Wings To Fly 〜翼をください (Remix version) – WINGS TO FLY -TSUBASA WO KUDASAI
12. 翔べるもの 〜Bonus track〜 – TOBERU MONO
Download :
wupload (taken from hongfire)
Mediafire – pass : jun (thanks to my friend Angga for uploading 🙂 very very thank you so much)

For lyric you can check in here : minknokobeyakanon

you can download/buy it on Amazon too for MP3 & CD 🙂
Support the artist if you like it 🙂


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4 responses to “Kanon – A New Story

  1. Prins

    Thank you very very much! I miss just the Kanon mini-album “Kiseki – Song of love”. I hope one day I will find it! Can you help me?
    Tank you so much, you made me very happy today! 🙂

  2. your welcome 🙂 just share it – send thanks to my friends help me to upload this file, and i still try to find kiseki mini album (and want to buy it, if meet it. hope so)

  3. Thank you very much!Should i point out though that the last track,12 the bonus track is missing? Thanks again!!!

  4. i only found 11 track , that someone already share it.
    and still not found someone share the full track.
    anyways, your welcome.
    credit to my friend for upload it in MF & thanks to original uploader from hongfire

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