tsuki no sango (RAW)

taken from : sai-zen-sen.jp

translate taken from Beast’s Lair credit to EvoSpace

Digest below


AD 3000++

Mankind has lost their will to live and were slowly starting to end their lives as species.

A girl was living on an island with a shinning coral reef.

She keeps on getting marriage propsals from around world, even in such place.

She was supposedly a princess and her grandma, supposedly came from the moon.

Long time ago, there was a girl, or a stone that was shaped like a human in the sea of shadows.

One day, an alien wearing a space suit came to where she was

That alien kept on talking to himself about how living thing are suppose to be like and stuff.

The girl thought he was a wonderful person.

She made that guy a model and eventually made herself look like a real human.

Their unique relationship lasted only a half a year, however.

The guy pushed the weakend girl into his space ship and sent it back to the planet he came from.


There was a guy who had a handicap in hearing.

His job was just internet management and providing entertainment for the remaining people on the dying world.

He grew tired of dealing with people, and decided to build a spaceship to go live on the moon by himself.

There was no longer any human left at the colony on the moon, but an artificial forest, the maintenance system of the colony environment was still there.

And at the core of the forest, was a human shaped machine stuck to the earth that controlled the maintenance system. The guy thought that was weird, but it became a daily routine to go scoop water at the forest and talk about random stuffs.

One day, the guy thought it was awfully weird to have a machine wearing a dress, and tried to take it off. Then for the first time, the girl moved its arm and knocked the guy miles away.

Since that day, the girl became more and more human like.

It started walking, smiling, and talking like a human.

But the man couldn’t understand spoken words.

As the girl became more human, the environment of the moon grew worse.

At the end, the guy decided to fix his spaceship to send the girl to earth. He originally came to the moon to be by himself in the first place, and if the girl liked humans, she will be more happy there.

Little did he know that the girl loved him and not humans.

Little did he know that he actually came to the moon, hoping to find real love.


They say the girl’s grandmother dove into the ocean before her death, and that’s when the coral reef started shining.



Download Raw PDF: 2shared & mediafire.com

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