Ghost hunt Novel vol 1 (baka Tsuki project)

I just make it to pdf and book style, i make it per volume.
the content of the story:

Volume 1 – Are there really lots of Evil Spirits?! / 悪霊がいっぱい!?
Chapter 1 – Pressure Falling / 気圧低下
Chapter 2 – Storm Approaching / 暴風雨注意報
Chapter 3 – Storm Warning / 暴風雨警報
Chapter 4 – Central Pressure 912 Millibars / 中心気圧九一二ミリバール
Chapter 5 – Maximum Velocity 68 Knots / 最大風速六十八ノット
Chapter 6 – Wind and Rain Subside and the Waves are High / 風雨弱まるも波高し
Chapter 7 – Flood Warning / 洪水高潮警報
Chapter 8 – Warning Lifted / 警報解除
Translator’s Notes and References
Character List

You can read it in: baka-tsuki
I upload it in: | mediafire


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5 responses to “Ghost hunt Novel vol 1 (baka Tsuki project)

  1. xxsango

    Thank you SO much!! Could you please do this for other volumes?

    Amazing work 🙂

  2. you welcome, I will.
    but maybe it will take some time, I need to find a job first.
    gomen ne

  3. morgana

    plz i need the v2

  4. maybe next weeks, i plan to make vol 2. this week i really want to get more rest to get focus in my work. (sorry)

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