Girls Dead Monster – Keep the Beats!

I more like marina sing the song, maybe because I can feel the soul & power of the singer.
But this one is not bad, but not my favorite song style (gomen).

track list:
1. Crow Song (Yui ver.)
2. Thousand Enemies
3. Shine Days
4. 23:50
5. Run With Wolves
6. Morning Dreamer
7. Rain Song
8. Alchemy (Yui ver.)
9. Ichiban no Takaramono
10. Little Braver (Album ver.)
11. My Song (Yui ver.)
12. My Soul,Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.) (Bonus Track)
13. Brave Song (Gldemo ver.) (Bonus Track)

Music [iSiscon]_Girls_Dead_Monster_-_Keep_The_Beats!_[w_scans]_(MP3).rar
Submitter: iSiscon | Size: 170.38MB | Date: 2010-06-26 18:44 UTC | Comment: There’re only MP3 version now. I want to release this album as soon as it’s out. Iwasawa-san’s music in Yui-chan version. Also including Episode 10 Ending Theme (Ichban no Takaramono) and Episode 4 OP Theme. (My Soul, Your Beats! GDM ver.) Visit us at | detail
DDL: mediafire

Out Topic Song :p
Old Song when my 1st time know Japanese song (read: original japanese song) , i watch Full metal panic anime (read: japnese dub & English sub).
Music Full Metal Panic TSR Original Soundtrack
Submitter: Anonymous | Size: 109.72MB | Date: 2010-06-25 19:41 UTC | Comment: Full Metal Panic -The Second Raid- OST [mp3 CBR 192 kbps][Tntvillage] Full Metal Panic -The Second Raid- OST [IMG][/IMG] :::Full Metal Panic – The Second Raid OST::: 01 – Minamikaze shibuuya edit 02 – Anyaku 03 – Shissou 04 – Kaiko 05 – Heion | detail

Music Music Full Metal Panic OST

Submitter: Anonymous | Size: 208.35MB | Date: 2010-06-24 14:18 UTC | Comment: Full Metal Panic OST 1-2 [Mp3 – 320 kbps]​[Tntvillage]​ Full Metal Panic Original Soundtrack 1 & 2 Full Metal Panic OST 1 [IMG]​​fmpost1eg1.jpg[/IMG]​ Composed by Sahashi Toshihiko Year: 2002 Total Time: 42:08 [ :::-> Tracklist <-::: ]​ 01. Tomorrow (Performed by | detail

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