hidamari sketch x hoshimittsu

The 3rd Season of Hidamari Sketch Series
When the regular member of hidamari Sou meet new comer :p
Hope that will continue to season 4 (hohoho)

Genres: comedy, slice of life
Plot Summary:
The continuing stories of the daily life of the students of the Hidamari Apartments at Yamabuki High School. This time, a year has passed since the first season. Yuno and Miyako are second years, Sae and Hiro are third years, and two new students, Nori and Nazuna, move into the Hidamari Apartments.
mediafire (small Size) <<credit to upload
Batch [NamaeNai] Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu 01-12 [Complete]
Submitter: Anonymous | Size: 2.62GB | Date: 2010-04-29 09:24 UTC | Comment: ซับไทย Thai Subtitle / Direct Download and translator’s note please visit website.​​​​​ | details
Batch [Raws-4U] Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu (D-TBS 1440×1080 H.​264 AAC Chap) [Subbed]
Submitter: lighter235 | Size: 4.44GB | Date: 2010-04-13 15:45 UTC | Comment: english softsub by Nutbladder #4U-Project@irc. ​rizon.​net | #raw-providers(rus)@irc. ​rizon.​net | details
Anime [720p Remux] Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu 01-02 [BDRip x264 AAC]
Submitter: Anonymous | Size: 449.51MB | Date: 2010-04-12 03:09 UTC | Comment: Reencoded Yousei raws, with retimed Nutbladder subs (v2 script for episode 2).​ 03-04 when raws are out, if they don’t release their own BDRip.​ | details

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