Fan Sub Link

i only knew little of fan sub website, here the list:
1. mazui (for Angle Beats Anime Sube very fast)
2. LonE (for looking anime music, their work Very fast)
3. Nippon Sei (second place for anime music, 2nd place when LonE link can’t be use anymore)
4. highlandersteam (fansub for Hidamari SKecth & Working Manga)
5. Zero Raw (looking for RAw version, you can find here.)
6. Leopard Raw – IRC : #Leopard-Raws@irc. ​​​rizon.​​​net | #raw-providers(rus)@irc. ​​​rizon.​​​net
7. horriblesubs (for anime subs)
8. NEET (I never fvisit their website & just know it today :p)
9. coalguys (K-ON anime subs their the best ^^)
10. Darksoul-Subs (not very know about them, i just download few of their work. gomen)
11. animesennin (anime subs too)
12. ANBU (same, not very know just in the past i download their work, gomen nee)
13. Maigo Subs (looking for ga rei manga, here you can find it ^^)

that all i know, maybe you have other recommendation about fans Subs?
you can post it too ^^

At last, SUPER THANKS too all Fans Subs, w/ their hard work we can understand about japanese language & can downlaod great anime, music, video, manga and more more great stuff. w/o their we are fans from other country can get a great entertainment. thanks You SO MUCH. aishiteru yoo minna ^^

note: I remove IDWS fansub, already comfirm that from idws forum.
my personal reason: NO IDWS/MAXINDO product (or whatever that website) from now in my blog (i will remove all idws link nin July2010). however you like it or not. thx

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