Sound Horizon Live Tour 2009.06.26 (update)

Dai 3 kai Ryodo Kakudai Ensei Gaisen Kinen “Kokuou Seitan Matsuri” 2009.06.26 (Japan Version)

Sound Horizon ファン待望の “領拡” 作品、初リリース!! 2009年3月21日横浜BLITZから始まった全国8箇所、全13公演行われた「Sound Horizon Live Tour 2009-第三次領土拡大遠征」の集大成となる「第三次領土拡大遠征凱旋記念『国王生誕祭』」ライブが6月26日、6月27日にNHKホールで行われた。独自の音楽性を突き進むSound Horizonのライブらしく、「聖戦のイベリア」から始まった1日目、「Moira」から始まった2日目と、この2日間のライブはまったくの別メニューで行われた。本作は、6月26日のライブの模様を収録。

Download :
2shared – credit to uploader
Disc 1 :
part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Disc 2:
part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 multi upload

if anyone have other link, you can share it to here ^^
thanks to uploader
(let’s download it ^^)

found other blog share about SH album, check here: (Chinese language), he/she have SHK live concert 2009.06.27, check here (streaming)

[still not download it yet T_T]
Thanks to AniihDetsu
for share the link ^^

DVD rip (1.5GB)
Disc 1 | Disc 2


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11 responses to “Sound Horizon Live Tour 2009.06.26 (update)

  1. Hendri Elef aresius

    ini Sound Horizon Live Tour 2009.06.26 TTE itu jg ya..

  2. lyn

    Thank you so much! But it says I need part 5 for disc 2??

  3. like i say i found it in 2shared
    but i will looking for it
    maybe later after i not busy (maybe it will take 1-2 month)
    I hope you want to wait it

    link founded

  4. lyn

    thank you very much!!!!!

  5. MO2

    Link 3 [Disc 2] is not worked / broken

    is there another mirror link ?

  6. sorry, but i only found in there (and not complete yet to download it)
    i try to find other latter

  7. AniihDetsu

    Wait the count down ends. Here is the whole DVD rip, each disc has 1,5 GB

    Disc 1

    Disc 2

  8. @AniihDetsu
    thanks a lot for the link

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