Website I visit

Lyric :
Yuki Kajiura Project Lyric ->
Sakamoto Maaya ->

Social network:
Facebook (just seach me junshibuya (w/o space) )
Twitter (add me junshibuya, but just for update information for blog)
plurk (add me junshibuya <<update via Yahoo Messenger)

File Hosting
Mediafire << file hosting that very user friendly (but now I have trouble to upload, but no download =_=a ) << uplaod w/o register & easy to use)
Ziddu <<sometime easy to use, but to slow for upload

Streaming anime : (I use IDM[Internet Download Manager] to download the streaming video :p ) <<very complete site to looking for anime, but 90% is upload in megavideo & veoh T_T. My network have trouble with that huhu << I just found this site 2 day ago, when looking for hidamari skecth xhoshimitsu ep 11 raw. Simple, but only have 1 video. not like goodanime, have alternative video site (but when old anime thier use veoh & megavideo. veoh is ban my country & megavideo when try to stream, always connection trouble –" )

Picture hosting:
photobcuket << I still use this

Learn Language
BBC language << I just use this to learn how to talk, not to write

search engine :
google <<this this one (but sometime is not work lol )

firefox <<still the best
opera <<fast but sometime slow down
chrome <<good when use w/o extention

Destavision forum << Indonesia local forum, I visit to say hi and chat << now just for chat, and only when I looking for something that I can't find in international site I check (but sometime it's can't found too lol) – forum <<I don't know where should I post in here, but all member is fun ^^, so If you like yuki kajiura is very recommended to join here
FFshine forum <<Hard to find game OST – Music and video, visit here!

Oras << any radio from anime & artis can find here. PS: Korea Language
Lantis << official all anime radio that under Lantis flag <<Japanese Language
smartFM <<Indonesia business laerning radio (but 45% is adverting, so take the knowledge about selling and advertising ^^ ) – In Indonesia Language

Done, I not very active in virtual world, when it not very important or when I feel so bored.
If you have other recommendation, You always welcome to comment:)
Have a nice day and great day every day

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