hidamari sketch xHoshimitsu

Hidamari new season, is going to season 3 ^^
still crazy like season 1 & 3. Is going to episode 3.

I watch again all season again ^^a
my fav char is Ooya-san, & Miyako. Two crazy type char (lol)

New season is tell about new comer in hidamari sou, Nori & Nazuna.
Nori like to learn programming language (and the only one person use PC in this apartment), also engergic person & honest. (103 room)

Nizuna (don’t know how to put in word) the person can’t do anything ( -.-” ), btw she is regular school student.

Spoiler (image story)

Episode 1 Yuno English Grammar test, & also tell about new comer who come to hidamari Sou & Ooya0-san come to clean (actually all member of Hidamari Sou)
(btw, I don’t know what sub language in this episode)

Yuno ready to see her exam score….


Sae-san help for study…

(25 point safe and not have to do second test)

Oops spell miss, actually the yuno score is 22 point (–” )

Hiro-san help for Dinner

Then day 4 (or week 4 ?_? )… (everyone waiting for Yuno exam results)
<img src=”http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv281/shibuyajun/th_OA_AnimeNSK_Hidamari_Sketch_X_Ho-20.jpg” alt=”” />

Yuno score is UP (24 to 100!), but the paper get torn –a

Episode 2 celebrating to new comer & Miyako + Yuno going to Olive salon

(picture about : Nazuna not a art student)

Nori-san too Honest ( – -“)


Discount coupon from Hiro-san

(olive salon)

(going to go inside salon)

twin hairstyler (oribu => Olive)

Yuno Shock!

(suddenly going out again –; )

Going to Cut…..

(the rest of story you can watch it online or download ^^v)
(gomen bad grammar >< )

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