Hidamari SKetch Hoshimitsu Download (ongoing)

Watch online: animecrunch.com

Here the download link
(all link credit to uploader)

Episode 1:
4shared (sub language : unknown [read: I don’t know what language that] )

[Nutbladder]_Hidamari_Sketch_×☆☆☆_-_01_[27DCE80A].mkv (taken from animetake)
Megaupload | Hotfile | torrent


Episode 2
[Tortoise]_Hidamari_Sketch_Hoshimittsu_-_02[78E0ADC1].mkv (taken from animetake)
megaupload | hotfile | rapidshared | torrent

Episode 3
[Nutbladder]_Hidamari_Sketch_×☆☆☆_-_03_[5004D38D].mkv (soucre :animetake)
Zomgupload | Hotfile | Megaupload | Torrent

Episode 4 (animetake)
Megaupload | Zomgupload | Hotfile | torrent

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