The law attraction (I just thinking about that)

I not very know about this, but one thing I know just “like attract like”.
Sound impossible and no logic (haha), but It work really.

Just try to focus 1 think like you wanna eat something like pizza.
Focus it, think it again and again. their have two way to get it: 1. You buy own self like delivery order 2. someone brought it to you.
And let’s me say (I use it when I really want to something)

But now I just can focus simple thing, not YET focus big thing, like have income USD$10.000/month.
The problem is I NOT know what I really want, not wish. If wish I think everyday I can wish anything, but What I really want to GET.

Make it simple, I want to success, but what success is that?
Like What business I will join/build. Look like I should make sure What I should get first.

Something look easy, but when try it not so easy. I think that right, but when already now how-to that not very hard anymore just need consistent (and that my biggest problem) & discipline (and this one too).

Just want to write something that make my brain clod down :”>

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