[DONE] Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of Sinner~ : Murder speculation part 2 (劇場版 空の境界 第07話 「殺人考察(後)」)

Finally Is OUT!
The Last of the last (maybe) of Kara no Kyoukai Movie series episode!
After wait it in 6 Month and Now the time to feel the pleasure of this movie.
Let’s Begin with Download Link and Information.

Description (from Yes Asia)
Created by Type-Moon founders Nasu Kinoko and illustrator Takeuchi Takashi, The Garden of Sinners (a.k.a. Kara no Kyoukai) started out in 1998 as an internet light novel. The supernatural fantasy attracted a huge online following and eventually made it to print form, selling over 500,000 copies. Set in the same world as Type-Moon’s Tsukihime, The Garden of Sinners revolves around the investigation of paranormal incidents by the trio of sorceress and detective agency proprietor Aozaki Tohko, her assistant Kokuto Mikiya, and Ryogi Shiki, a detached teenage girl with the ability to see and kill death.

Starting in 2007, The Garden of Sinners began its life on the big screen as a seven-chapter animated film series with animation by ufotable, the studio behind the Tales of Symphonia OVA. Directed by Takizawa Shinsuke, Murder Speculation Part 2, the culminating chapter of the series, bears witness to Shiki’s final battle with Soren Araya, and with herself.



tinyurl.com (credit to zirafu ) | mega upload [premium only] (credit to anime take) | Rapidshare [11 Parts] (credit to anime take)

From GG site
edgecastcdn.net (DDL) | Torrent


Size: 2.05GiB | Date: 2009-12-13 08:50 UTC | Comment: #gg@irc.rizon.net || Done.

Raw :
劇場版空の境界第7章「殺人考察(後)」 Size: 7.20GiB
【アニメ】[DVD] 劇場版 空の境界 第07話 「殺人考察(後)」 (720×480 H.​264 AAC 2ch+5.​1ch).​mp4 Size: 1.84GiB
[DVDRIP] 劇場版空の境界 kara​_no​_kyoukai 第七章「殺人考察(後)」(H264 1024×576 120fps mp3 224kbps)​.avi 1.55GiB
[kara​_no​_kyoukai][DVDRIP][07][x264​_AAC].​mkv Size: 589.80MiB
(RAW) [DVDRIP] 劇場版空の境界 kara​_no​_kyoukai 第七章「殺人考察(後)」(H264 1024×576 120fps mp3 224kbps).​avi Size: 1.55GiB
[QTS] Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​7 -.​.​.​.​.​.​not nothing heart- (DVD H264 864×480 24fps AC3 5.​1ch).​part1.​rar Size: 1.14GiB
[QTS] Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​7 -.​.​.​.​.​.​not nothing heart- (DVD H264 864×480 24fps AC3 5.​1ch).​part2.​rar Size: 851.55MiB

Non-English :
[MoonMai][Kara​_No​_Kyoukai​_Movie][07][GB][rv10​_acc][DVDRip].​rmvb Size: 479.18MiB
[SumiSora&MAGI​_ATELIER][Kara​_no​_Kyoukai][07][GB].​rmvb Size: 479.73MiB
[CASO][Kara​_no​_Kyoukai] Size: 574.37MiB

[Zero-Raws] Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai -The Garden of Sinners- CM (720×480 H.​264 AAC).​mp4 Size: 13.37MiB

[QTS] Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​7 -Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)- Original Soundtrack (Yuki Kajiura).​rar Size: 163.13MiB

劇場版 空の境界 Vol.7/殺人考察(後) OST :
mediafire part 1 | part 2 | part 3
(Credit to acid_mouthwash from CPM & Xera at Yamibo)
for (.ass) in process, I still download it ><


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25 responses to “[DONE] Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of Sinner~ : Murder speculation part 2 (劇場版 空の境界 第07話 「殺人考察(後)」)

  1. Kanzato

    MAn, they forgot to mention Lio! LOL
    Damn a big torrent. But Imma wait for the subbed version… Just a couple more painful hours to wait.. Must… RESIST!

  2. ferd1

    While you’re waiting the sub comes out, try to read this Rakkyo doujin. It’s pretty good. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bjkijormok3. Now, I know why Shiki said Kokutou’s name resemble a poet.

  3. @ferd1
    Thanks u ^^


    ~update post~
    new torrent
    non English sub already out :), English sub where are you?

  4. Kanzato

    Well, it won’t be the last KnK release, since they’re missing the “epilogue” called “Kara no Kyoukai”. I read somewhere that Nasu had stated in an interview that it would made as an OVA. So yes yes for more KnK, no no for more waiting…

    By the way, that “English sub where are you?” made me laugh so much. Lol.

  5. wow, thanks for information ^^

    for that line :p
    Just can’t wait anymore, english sub we waiting for you~~~

  6. @fer1
    already update, thanks ^^

  7. shiki90


    NEW DJCD for Kara no Kyoukai “Garden of Sisters”. It will first be sold at Comiket 77 and later available to buy from Animate’s online shop on January 27th, 2010.

    I’ve already managed to get the DJCD that was sold at Comiket 76 “Garden of Shiners” and “Garden of Tellers” from CDJapan. Just great, another DJCD to get when I thought I had finally got all of them lol.

    Got some friends going to Comiket 77 so I might ask them to get it for me instead of having to wait for it to pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

  8. Wah 😮
    Thanks for info

    I want it but can’t buy it ><
    (low cash this month)

  9. Anonymous

    can you upload .ass file ? gg did’t ;_;

  10. Anonymous

    Can you upload .ass file somwhere
    gg didn’t ;_; and i have 46kb download speed
    and raw already donloaded

  11. anon

    Can you upload .ass file somwhere
    gg didn’t ;_; and i have 46kb download speed
    and raw already donloaded

  12. do you have a link .ass it?
    (I still searching in internet)

  13. anon

    if you have gg mkv, it’s simple with aegisub – just open mkv and save sub

  14. ferd1

    Have you found the scans for this chapter?? I haven’t found it yet >_>

  15. @anon
    that software?
    (btw, I still download it, un finish yet ><"

  16. @ferd1
    still looking for knk djcd & novel in english ><
    (I searching it later, maybe next week)

  17. ferd1

    What DJCD are you looking for?? If it’s Garden of Sisters, it will be sold at comiket 77 which means you won’t find it at this moment (C77 wil be held 29-31 Dec).

    About the novel, there is no new translation since the last time you updated your thread.

    BTW, when you watch chapter 7, try not to skip the scene, even it makes you feel disgusting or you’ll reduce the excitement from watching this chapter (oh well, disgusting is also sensation that makes this chapter so damn good 😀 ).

    PS: Maybe if Häagen-Dazs produces new flavor, Vanilla Shiki, the product will always sold out, lol.

  18. shiki90

    Which KnK DJCD are you looking for? I’m getting Garden of Shiners and first press of Garden of Listeners volume 1 (contains bonus track) DJCD sent to me in about two weeks. A friend going to Japan and attending Comiket 77 might try and buy me the Garden of Sisters DJCD.

    Oh, take a look at some commercial merchandise being sold at Comiket as well XD. Friend might also try and buy that for me too. I hope so lol.


  19. @ferd1
    djcd shinner
    I found it in nicovideo (but can’t login it 😦 )

    wow vanilla shiki O.o

    wow great 😮

    wow great merchandise O.O

    (still download KnK 7 😦 3 day download 3 time stuck –” ))

  20. ferd1

    wow vanilla shiki O.o

    When you watch the movie, maybe you will think how perverted guy I am, lol.

    Speaking of novel, this guy have already translated a few shapter from mobius ring. Just check that thread sometimes so that you can find out if there is a new translation http://nrvnqsr.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=walk&action=display&thread=4600

  21. Finally I wacth it T^T (but from youtube. thanks to youtube uploader, you save me ><)

    oh that scene when shiki lay down on floor, and lio lick her
    ( –; )

    Thanks a lot, Finally I can read it T^T

    Still hunting Kara no kyoukai DJCD, ligth novel, doujin (not hentai –; ), movie and picture

    btw why no one share KnK move 7th gate to heaven? :-/
    (not found yet in internet –" )

  22. ferd1

    o_O from youtube? Why don’t you dl it from that tinyurl link? (it can be resumeable)

    Gate of Seventh Heaven was released in cinema, not in DVD (yet). Thats why you won’t find it on internet.

    About Mirai Fukuin movie, it’s still speculation :).

  23. dunno with my internet connection –”
    stuck 1.99GB, 4 time I try download it T^T

    oh that why only got the review ^^a

    wish that speculation become true 🙂

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