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(, more know CPM. btw, CPM banner)

I think everyone who love about Yuki Kajiura Work know about this site. The Fansite about Yuki Kajiura, the discussion from what Kajiura-san work, schedule, new realize album/OST/Project (i more like to use “project” cos it will include all Yuki Kajiura work). You also can join in forum and chat room.

I can;t give many detail, because I new in this site. But actually all people in this site is so fun & friendly ^^. I feel it already, however you just join it today. That not a problem, cos everyone will welcome you like a old friends ^^. That why it really make me enjoy and happy to visit & post in this site. ^^. Oh I remember, the site is very complete about lyric, I always check Kajiura work in this site.

You can join in conversion at website, forum and chat room

I will wait for you visit and conversation in this site. See you there ^^

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