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I Just watch this movie yesterday, in XXI Anggrek Mall (Orchid Mall). This movie tell about Old Man name Ebenezer Scrooge, who never believe about Christmas, and everything is value in money (he said” money is money” ). He never want to give a money to poor people, give a food to their need, and never want to say “Marry Christmas!”.

In the night day before Christmas, he going to home, when he try to open the door (his home door is old style, that have a face style in door), the door (the face in door) become live! He shocked!, after look to the door again, that no change in the door, and he believe that just hallucination. But after he sitting in front fireplace, he see his shadow become alive, but not care about it.

But, in 2-3 minute door bell in his house is moving one by one and he can hear sound of chain and something that be tow. The sound become more clear, and “BOW!”, something very heavy is trow into fireplace (more like ghost stuff, not real but real). And The ghost is appear! His partner when still live, name is Jacob Marley (his body all covered by chain). He tell about seven day before Christmas, that he miss it every year and never realize it that so important after he dead.

After Jacob tell everything he left and say that in midnight in three ghost will meet Ebenezer. Jacob left using window for the door, and Ebenezer see Jacob left. When he see to window he see many ghost in street, and one person (human) sitting in front house and say “please help me”, one ghost said” I really want to help you, If I can”. Ebenezeris SCREAM! “WAAAAAAAA!”, the ghost recognize Ebenezer voice and “BA!”, Ebenezer shock, and running away to his bed, cover his body and head (also the bed).

Then not very long, The second ghost is appear, “Past Ghost” that called. The from more like candle with iron funnel in left hand. That ghost that Ebenezer to see his past, when he child, alone in the Christmas. When he teenager his sister come and say that he can going to home and celebrate Christmas with his family. When Ebenezer Adult, he part time, and meet the person he love. But after 2-3 Year, he become more attention to money and lost mean of “love”. And The girl said “I will free you” (mean no more love). Ebenezer said please stop this.

(akh I try my best to explain this movie ><“)

The second Ghost is future ghost, he show about the future when Ebenezer is dead, and everyone around him think about him and talk about him.

The third Ghost is Death Ghost or shikigami, he show about who dead, what heappend everything that when he dead.

After all ghost appear, and “Ting” That just a dread, that dream show everything (past, now and future). And Ebenezer make a movement, so what he see in dream not become true, and make everyone around him become happy and enjoy X’mas. The end


finally done

I hope you understand

Also Merry Christmas to You ^^
(Watch this movie with my older bother, Cicilia & Ena)


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