Chiaki Ishikawa – Daremo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto

Released Date: September 30, 2009
Track List:
1. Prototype ~Album Version~ (Gundum 00 Season 2 ED theme)
2. Suna no Ue no Dolphin (the B-side to 1/2)
3. Squall (the B-side to Prototype)
5. Rakurui (Sengoku Basara insert song)
6. Shypleed ~Sylphide~
7. 49scale
8. First Pain (Element Hunters OP theme)
9. Blue Velvet
10. Dare mo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto (the B-side to First Pain)
11. Taiyou (Gundam 00: Hiroyuki Yoshino Character Song Hiroyuki Yoshino come across Allelujah Haptism)
12. ½ (You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle ED theme)

Download : | rapidshare | megauplaod (all credit to uploader)


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4 responses to “Chiaki Ishikawa – Daremo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto

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  2. Cool! Thank you for this download. By the way: Keep up the great work and the great posts you’ve got.

  3. Thanks ^^
    (sorry for late replay)

  4. adore robots in normal, esp gundam mobile suit. Gundam is definitely a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are sure incredible.

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