Kalafina – Progressive

Kalafina – progressive
RELEASE DATE October 28th, 2009

Track List:
01 Progressive
02 Utsukushisa
03 progressive ~ Instrumental ~

PV (Youtube Quality): Mediafire (credit to : ginoverture.wordpress.com)
Single :
Mediafire (credit to : community.livejournal.com/wintersymphony)
MegaUpload (credit to uploader)
Mediafire (credit to asianreloaded.blogspot.com)

( I still download it. Kyaa New song ^^o)


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4 responses to “Kalafina – Progressive

  1. Kanzato

    Is it any good? Can’t download it on my school’s servers, so I’ll have to wait until I get home… Grr..

  2. more like Fiction Junction.
    The genre more pop, but still great 🙂

  3. f3rdi

    Here for the scans, if you want to keep it as your collection http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?emnmjynjtgt

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