Kalafina – Progressive (news)

Kalafina news single info O.O
all new taken from : canta -per-me.net : link #1 & #2 (thanks ^^)

released : October 28, 2009

Track List :
Regular version
1. Progressive
2. Utsukushisa
3. progressive ~Instrumental~

Limited Edition:
1. progressive PV
2. love come down,Ongaku and Mata Kaze ga Tsuyokunatta Live video(from Kalafina Closed Premium Live on May 19th)
3. TV programme”utatane” on July 18th(Kalafina version)

Note :
1. Its rumored that the c/w will be a dark song and the main vocal will be Wakana.
2. Kalafina solo live was announced for December 27, 2009 and will take place at Yokohama BLITZ

Kalafina Progressive sample music : mediafire
アニスパ!No. 289 Guest: Kalafina (progressive at 07:58) -> credit to gillsa [source : canta-per.me.net]
(credit to canta-per-me.net)

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