Book I read

this month i read this book
1. I am gifted, so are you! by Adam Khoo

about how to study in right way (super teen program), and how to setting a goal.

2. The Secret by Rhoda Byrne

about a law of attraction. Try to think positive, and image what you really want.

3. Positive Business Ideas by James Gwee

ideas from Mr. James Gwee in General Improvements, Sales, managers & Supervisor, Service, business

4. Setiap Manager Harus baca buku ini! (every manager must read this book!) by James gwee

About Manager make a decision, change proses, how to make staff move from comfort zone to danger zone, and handel 3 type of worker (Gung Ho [star], Wait & See [average], and Bruce Willis [broken]).

5. Buku Pintar Bahasa Tubuh (smart Book for Body Language) by Susan G. Buckley,Ph.D

Learn about human body movement and meaning about body language.
sorry for long time not update m(_ _)m
also my connection can’t upload file in file sharing site T^T (sorry)
I try to find othe topic, so you can enjoy to visit this blog.

Thanks to visit ^^

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