Ryougi Shiki Wallpaper ^^

Happy Idul Fitri for all. ^^
Special Present for Shiki Fans ^^

I hope you like it ^^


Filed under My Design

4 responses to “Ryougi Shiki Wallpaper ^^

  1. Kanzato

    Uhm… Is it just my eyes that are deceiving me? I can’t seem to see any wallpaper. Lol.

  2. maybe :p
    just suddenly found want to make shiki wallpaper but only one inspiration :”> :))

  3. Kanzato

    Oh, there it IS! Yep, definitely like it. You made it yourself?

  4. Kanzato

    *Looks at the “Made by Jun Shibuya”
    Oh wait, never mind. Lol.

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