Lunar Silver Star Story Complete OST (Working Designs Release)

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Cover taken from

The old game for Sega and PSX/PS1
I love the music, the dubber / seiyuu is great although in English or Japanese language.
But, I not finish play this game –;
(the CD is got stolen –‘)

OK back to topic for this OST, This OS is have 24 track but not have hidden track (Luna’s Song).
If you have it, would you like to share it?

Let’s see the track (taken from
1. Opening Theme
2. Burg (TSS)
3. Overworld Remix 1 (TSS)
4. Tumultuous Seas
5. Toward the Horizon
6. Boss Battle Theme (TSS)
7. Ghaleon’s Theme (TSS)
8. Grindery (TSS)
9. Opening Song from Sega CD (TSS)
10. Magical Weapon Nash
11. Determination
12. Meribia
13. Recollection
14. Mysterious Party
15. Overworld Remix 2 (TSS)
16. Go! Go! Go!
17. Mysterious Cave
18. Four Heroes
19. Reach for the Front
20. Battle Theme (TSS)
21. Thieves Bazaar
22. Sad Piano Theme (TSS)
23. Luna’s Boat Song
24. Lunar Theme Arrange
(a few song title little different but, the song/music is same)

Now You can download in
mediafire part -1- & -2- & idws1 (credit to uploader)

hope you like it


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