Marble is a Japanese musical duo, originally named The Student’s and formed in 1999. The members, Micco and Tatsuya Kikuchi, met and became friends while they were both enrolled in music school.

Kikuchi was the main musical support for Micco at that time, who was acting as a solo artist. As they got to know each other better, they decided that they could both make better music if they performed together, and formed The Student’s. After getting signed to Warner Music Group’s indie label in 1999, they had two releases, but got increasingly more involved in production for other artists and gradually did less and less of their own activities.

However, the urge to write and perform their own music came back, and to commemorate this change in attitude, they renamed themselves ‘marble’ in 2003 and played shows with a backup band, but they split from the band in 2005, and Micco and Kikuchi continued their performances as a duo.

Since their major debut in 2007 with Lantis, they have had a number of releases, including their first album in February 2008. Their songs have been featured in such anime as Hidamari Sketch, Kamichama Karin and KimiKiss pure rouge.

Their sound is described as calm and soothing “organic pop”, most likely because they use very few synthesized instruments and the main instrument is an acoustic guitar.

* Micco ( みっこ, Mikko, born February 8 ) – vocals, lyrics, and occasional composition.
* Tatsuya Kikuchi ( 菊池 達也, Kikuchi Tatsuya, born October 13 ) – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, composition and arrangement.


TVアニメ「ひだまりスケッチ×365」イメージソング集 ひだま~ぶる


1. シャララ
2. 自転車
3. sweet days
4. おんなじ
5. black smile
6. 無限story
7. fantastic sky
8. 芽生えドライブ~Acoustic&Boesendorfer version~
9. おんなのこパズル~Acoustic&Kamenoko version~
10. スケッチスイッチ~Acoustic&Hidamarinight version~
11. 流星レコード~Acoustic&Eighteen’s shooting star version~
12. 幸せは365日
idws | MU 1 & 2

TVアニメーション「初恋限定。」EDテーマ: 初恋Limited
1. 初恋 limited
2. 空に舞う
3. 初恋 limited(instrumental)
4. 空に舞う(instrumental)
idws | easy-share | MU

Title: KimiKiss pure rouge OP Single – Aozora loop
Artist: marble
Street Release Date: 2007-10-25
Track List :
01 Aozora loop
02 clover
03 Aozora loop (instrumental)
04 clover (instrumental)
Bonus: Booklet (Image Only)
idws |Mediafire

Title: Hidamari Sketch x365 ED Single – Ryuusei Record
Artist: marble
Street Release Date: August 6, 2008
Tracklist and Download:
1. Ryuusei Record
2. Humming Bird
3. Ryuusei Record (INSTRUMENTAL)
4. Humming Bird (INSTRUMENTAL)
Idws | MF


* 1. 地球
2. 紫陽花色の部屋
3. ただここに そばにいる
4. paper plane
5. Is it over?
6. 果実
7. 好きしか見えない
8. love there are no rules
9. 風音
10. wind thread on a spool
11. 旋律の彼方
12. 青の扉
13. Early Christmas Morning
14. I’m free
idws | MU 1 & 2


* 1. アネモネ
2. 空中迷路
3. 青空loop
4. 君とスロー
5. move
6. 青の扉
7. 虹色ハミング
8. 綿帽子
9. ほどいた手
10. 最後は白になる。
11. 星空 featuring Lil”
12. 蕾
13. clover
14. 芽生えドライブ
idws | MU | kita upload


1. violet
2. 時の華
3. 宝石
4. violet (instrumental)
5. 時の華 (instrumental)
6. 宝石 (instrumental)

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source : idws forum | wikipedia |marble official |

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