Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​6 -Boukyaku Rokuon-

Finally ^^
“Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​6 -Boukyaku Rokuon- ” is on sale and ready for download ^^
You can found link download in here (thanks to uploader ^^)

Here torrent link fans-sub gg-takajun (arigato)

Also the OST by Yuki Kajiura -sama
[QTS] Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​6 -Boukyaku Rokuon- Original Soundtrack (Yuki Kajiura).​rar

And here DDL link : idws, anime.penisenginemechanic.com, MU, and MV

here link  for previous the movie :
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (Mega video)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4| 5 part abc [use HJsplit to combine] (idws link)

I waiting for anyone review (or maybe I review it ^^a)
I want to download it too

credit to board.alluc.org and idws forum (for link ^^ + thanks to uploader ^^b)

here the OST mp3 version (I convert it into 320kbps)
for the track list and cover ^^ (just click the image to enlarge ^^v)
cover ost track list ost
download : part 1 & 2

Thanks for comment and Review ^^
(finally download it ^^ Yay! )


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14 responses to “Kara no Kyoukai chapter.​6 -Boukyaku Rokuon-

  1. f3rdi

    This episode seems lack of BGM compare than other 5 eps. The story isn’t clear enough. They are too focused on Azaka forbidden love 😛 (1 hour isn’t enough to represent the story like in the novel). I miss the “dark side” from Kara no Kyoukai in this episode, but the Azaka’s battle is pretty well.

    Can’t wait for eps 7 :). This is gonna be awesome. BTW, Shizune Seo made appearance in the end of episode, I hope ufotable plans to make Mirai Fukuin movie too.

  2. Lunatique

    I hope that they make Mirai Fukuin >< I wanna see Mana!

  3. LOOOL

    Just finished watching KnK 6! ❤ \(^o^)/

    The battle scene was truly epic you know and the soundtracks even.
    Although this movie lacked music background, it was suitable with the movie's atmosphere. Maybe too much background music won't even fit at all.

    Thanks for the links by the way Jun Shibuya!

    Now, is the OST lossless or somehow similar to mp3?
    I was looking for a lossless copy but I can't really find one. T_T

    In case you would happen to find one (flac, ape, tta, tak, wav) I hope you may share it too. Thank you! m(_ _)m

    Now this time I'm soooo looking forward for the final(?) episode of Kara no Kyoukai! *sigh* (7 months huh)

  4. @f3rdi
    thanks for review m(_ _)m
    (for me is spoiler T^T)

    @ Lunatique
    me too ^^

    I use AIMP2 for play the wv sound (this software is great, can convert, and record).
    I try to upload it in MF (hope there is no trouble ><)

    OST KnK finally uploaded in mediafire : part 1 and part 2

  5. LOOOL

    Thank you very much indeed Jun Shibuya!

    Never heard of that player but looks like it has great features! (and very interesting too)
    I’ve been using Winamp since I was lazy to transfer plus I was totally used to it. Sadly it can’t play most of those more advanced formats.

    I also have foobar2000 which I used to play the KnK 6 OST (WavePack) but the graphic user interface just doesn’t suit my taste. I want something similar to Winamp’s advanced theme design and can have a smaller window mode with the player only.

    Well, I’m downloading that player anyways so my big thanks to you!

    So… WavePack is really a lossless format?

  6. LOOOL

    Oh and by the way, there aren’t more booklet scans from the DVD or CD of this release except the ones you provided? Geez I want the picture where Azaka was looking up while Shiki was wondering what Azaka is doing. That place is also messy. XD

    And I really wish that Knk Remix -the gate to seventh heaven- will be released in DVD too. T_T I wanna see it even though it’s just a summary of the movies and I also heard it has new scenes. ;_; Now I wonder too if Recalled Out Summer will be animated?

  7. booklet that I only found that two image (cover and tracklist).

    you can check in here for other KnK image : moe.imouto.org and konachan.com
    (but in that site, include 18++ picture ==” (or ecchi and hentai pic ==”)

    WavePack is include wav, wv, and wc (CMIIW)
    for 7th hgate to heaven. Yes, that their include new scane (I read in forum).
    but for mirai fukuin, i not know. Maybe anyone know about it, can give a info for us ^^


  8. f3rdi


    Sorry for the spoiler ^^, I’m too excited when it’s related with Type=Moon

    You can also try http://browse.minitokyo.net/gallery?tid=1571&index=3&page=1 and http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/Kara-no-Kyoukai/
    (this one is most complete than the others, but you can’t get free for the high resolution image)

    About Mirai Fukuin movie, there is no new news about that. Type-Moon have already announced new movie for Fate/Stay Night, so I think they won’t make Mirai Fukuin in the near future.

  9. Finally my download complete T^T
    and watch the movie (but skip2x)

    I not very understand about “God Word” or kurogiri-sensei. where he go? or he already shiki kill?

    for this episode is “Azakadere dere rules” =p

  10. f3rdi


    Yeah, the movie doesn’t explain too much about Kurogiri and Misaya. It also changed the reason why Kaori commited suicide. You can read the summary for KnK 6 novel (or maybe KnK 7 and the epilogue where shiki……..) in here http://www2.ocn.ne.jp/~typemoon/rakkyo/06.htm . That’s why novel always better than movie.

  11. @ f3rdi
    wow thanks u so much ^^
    but is hard to find full novel in english T^T

  12. sij2

    they cut out alot of part from the book and altered some story. only way to find out the missing story is via reading novel, either in japanese or korean, since it was also released in korea as well.

    kurogiri was killed by ouji ( doesn’t actually say that it’s her but can guess ) in the book but in the movie, doesn’t show the part, just a short scene of ouji standing in kurogiri’s room. also in novel kaori was already dead, but in movie kaori was apparently alive as mikiya tells azaka.

  13. blackfairyscans

    thanks a lot!! I’ve been serching for a while the ost!! thanks

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