Fiction Junction


is Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura’s solo project. It is not a pseudonym that Kajiura uses when she composes soundtracks. To date, all such collaborations have consisted of a (female) vocalist, with Kajiura on the keyboard or the piano. Most FictionJunction songs have been featured in an anime series (usually as insert songs), most notably Gundam Seed and Tsubasa Chronicle. Victor Entertainment is FJ’s record label.


FictionJunction ASUKA
Vocalist: Asuka Kato (加藤あすか ,Kato Asuka)) – – (Born August 28)They performed “everlasting song”, an insert song from anime series Elemental Gelade. Originally sung in English, “everlasting song” was also recorded in Japanese and was released as a single (everlasting song, 2005), along with various instrumental versions.

FictionJunction KAORI
Vocalist: Kaori Oda (織田かおり ,Oda Kaori) – (Born May 11, 1988)The duo performed two insert songs used in Tsubasa Chronicle, “tsubasa” (first season) and “dream scape” (second season), as well as the ending theme “calling” of the anime series Baccano! which was not credited as “FictionJunction KAORI”.

FictionJunction KEIKO
Vocalist: Keiko Kubota (窪田啓子 ,Kubota Keiko) – (Born December 5, 1985)They recorded “To the City of Wind” (風の街へ ,Kaze no Machi e?), which was used as an insert song in episodes 19 (partially) and 21 of Tsubasa Chronicle (first season). Keiko is involved with Yuki Kajiura’s Kalafina Project.

FictionJunction WAKANA

Vocalist: Wakana Ootaki (大滝若菜 ,Ootaki Wakana) – (Born December 10, 1984)They have performed a song named Where the lights are (光の行方 ,Hikari no Yukue?) for the original soundtrack of Fist of the North Star True Saviour Legend.[2] They have also recorded an insert song, “Paradise Regained”, for El Cazador de la Bruja OST 2. Wakana is also involved with Yuki Kajiura’s Kalafina Project.

FictionJunction YUUKA
Vocalist: Yuuka Nanri (南里 侑香 ,Nanri Yūka) – (Born March 13, 1984)FictionJunction YUUKA was Kajiura’s first, longest and best-known collaboration under the FictionJunction name. They were originally called “FictionJunction featuring YUUKA”, but later the “featuring” part was dropped as it made the name long.

Vocalist: Yuriko Kaida (貝田由里子 ,Kaida Yuriko) – (Born November 1, 19xx)Trained at Kunitachi College of Music, after graduation, she became a studio/live musician, providing vocals and backing chorus to numerous artists in record studios and on tours. Yuriko Kaida is a long-time Kajiura vocalist, they first met on NOIR project in 2001. Indeed, she is the singer of the songs which made Yuki break into the anime world : Canta per Me, Lullaby and Salva Nos. Whether it be on the chorus or as a main vocal, it is not rare to hear Yuriko Kaida’s voice into Yuki’s works. She is also performing in Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#1, 2, 3 and will sing in the fourth one this summer. In addition, she has composed some of the theme songs of Medabots and Ojamajo Doremi. On FictionJunction’s latest release, Everlasting Songs, she performs lead vocals on “here we stand in the morning dew” (originally performed by Saeko Chiba in Everything ) and “Himitsu” (originally performed by Aya Hisakawa in NOIR blanc dans NOIR), as well as providing backing vocals throughout the album.


Everlasting Songs


Announced November 20, 2008, the album is titled “Everlasting Songs”, featuring all FictionJunction vocalists: Yuuka, Keiko, Wakana, Kaori, Asuka, as well as Yuriko Kaida. It was released on February 25, 2009

Track listing

1. Hoshikuzu (The Velveteen Rabbit – self cover of Velvet no Inori)
* Vocalists: Kaori Oda, Keiko Kubota
* Original vocalist: Noriko Ogawa
2. Kioku no Mori (記憶の森 ) (Tsubasa Chronicle OAD: Shunraiki)
* Vocalist: Yuuka Nanri
3. Dream scape (Tsubasa Chronicle)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda
4. Gin no Hashi (Aquarian Age)
* Vocalists: Kaori Oda, Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki
* Original vocalist: Minami Omi
5. Kaze no Machi he (Tsubasa Chronicle Insert)
* Vocalist: Keiko Kubota
6. Here we stand in the morning dew (Sayonara Solitia single c/w)
* Vocalist: Yuriko Kaida
* Original vocalist: Saeko Chiba
7. Synchronicity (Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS)
* Vocalist: Keiko Kubota
* Arrangement: Koichi Korenaga
* Original vocalist: Yui Makino
8. Hanamori no Oka (Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda
9. Mizu no Akashi (水の証 ) (Gundam SEED Insert)
* Vocalist: Wakana Ootaki
* Original vocalist: Rie Tanaka
10. Cazador del amor (El Cazador de la Bruja)
* Vocalist: Yuuka Nanri
11. Himitsu (Noir)
* Vocalist: Yuriko Kaida
12. Hōseki (宝石 , lit. “Jewel”) (Le Portrait de Petite Cossette)
* Vocalist: Keiko Kubota
* Original vocalist: Marina Inoue
13. Yume no Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicle)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda
* Original vocalist: Yui Makino
14. Michiyuki (LOVELESS)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda
* Original vocalist: Kaori Hikita
15. Everlasting song ~japanese edition (Elemental Gelade)
* Vocalist: Asuka Kato
download : mediafire (credit to uploader) | 4shared part 1 & part 2 (credit to uploader) | lyric


Parallel Hearts


Parallel Hearts is a single featuring Yuriko Kaida, Keiko Kubota, Kaori Oda and Wakana Ootaki under the name FictionJunction. The title track was used as opening theme song for the anime Pandora Hearts.

Catalog Number VTCL – 35065


1. Parallel Hearts (Pandora Hearts Opening Theme)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda, Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki,Yuriko Kaida
2. Hitomi no Chikara (ひとみのちから; Strength of the Eyes)
* Vocalist: Yuuka Nanri (FictionJunction YUUKA)
3. Parallel Hearts ~Instrumental~ (Pandora Hearts Opening Theme)
* Vocalist: Kaori Oda, Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki,Yuriko Kaida
4. Hitomi no Chikara (ひとみのちから; Strength of the Eyes) ~Instrumental~
* Vocalist: Yuuka Nanri (FictionJunction YUUKA)
download: mediafire | lyric

Source : wikipedia eng (information),, and (for lyric)


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  1. Hello, thanks for the info, u know i am building a web blog for keiko kubota but i am luck of information :(, is there any way were i could get more info about her.. btw here is my site .

  2. Thanks to visit ^^

    maybe you can use google and use the keyword of her name in kanji (or japanese), Try to use different domain of searching site. The result will not same when you use other domain.

    I use Kanon J-classic, Kanon.y, カノン, etc
    some time I use other searching web like Chinese, Italy, France and other countries web.

    It useful, sometime not every information about artist not write in English.

    Btw, you also can join & the

    Their are fans of yuki Kajiura, and maybe they can help you to find more information about Keiko ^^

    I hope this can help you. (If I have information, I will post it ^^)

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