Kanon at J-MELO and Talk

Is not a very new info, in 2 -3mount ago if I not wrong in Kanon blog (CMIIW).
Kanon -san is already post about this, Kanon -san is invite to join in this program television.
About this program, is about Japanese singer that must speak and talk in english and the most important is mellow or slow song. Just check out the video and enjoy it. I hope you will like it.

Title of the song is Lingering Snow ~なごり雪~ (Nagori Yuki) (in english version)

Mediafire: Video | mp3
IDWS : Video (credit to Argent Solbright) |mp3

For update for this blog maybe not very fast.
I must have more rest because my body is not very healthy.
See you again and keep healthy, been sick is not fun >.<

source : J-MELO and Kanon official site, dailymotion and Xie

Also Thanks for everyone who visit and support this blog ^^


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3 responses to “Kanon at J-MELO and Talk

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  2. dewalangit

    Haha, ternyata video waktu dipajang di sini.

    How’s your health now? 😕

  3. not bad lah, masih ada dikit puyeng2

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