Fiction Junction ASUKA

FictionJunction ASUKA
Vocalist: Asuka Kato (加藤あすか ,Kato Asuka)) – – (Born August 28)They performed “everlasting song”, an insert song from anime series Elemental Gelade. Originally sung in English, “everlasting song” was also recorded in Japanese and was released as a single (everlasting song, 2005), along with various instrumental versions.

everlesting Song

01. everlasting song~japanese edition
02. everlasting song~ballad edition
03. everlasting song~harmonica edition
04. everlasting song~karaoke edition

Link: badongo (credit to uploader) | mediafire
Source: Wikipedia
Web: myspace | blog (thanks to Amaya ^^)


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4 responses to “Fiction Junction ASUKA

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  2. sorry what you mean “this work over the long run” ?

  3. Sorry if the comment comes too late ^-^” (the post is in 2009) but you can look at her MySpace ( and blog ( 🙂

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