Kanon saga~this is my road~ (Guin Saga Ending)

Finally “\(*^w^*)/” Kanon-san new songs in Anime “Guin Saga”. Thanks to ゼラ for video (may I use the video in my blog? m(_ _)m ).

guin saga

original link: daily motion (credit to ゼラ for the video)
I convert the song to mp3 file (126kbps) : mediafire and Video version in mp4 : mediafire (credit to ゼラ for the video)

Btw, how to put video in wordpress =//=;a.
Let’s forget about it ^//^;a, enjoy and wait Kanon-san new single/album. (I want to hear more Kanon song >.<)
Thanks to ゼラ, about the video in DailyMotion m(_ _)m
For the lyric you can check in here : minknokobeyakanon (thanks u ^^)

Other link: guin saga official and Kanon official


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5 responses to “Kanon saga~this is my road~ (Guin Saga Ending)

  1. THank you for compiling this.

    I agree that Kanon is great, and the art direction of the show blends well. We’ll have to see if it’s a hit in the US someday!

  2. sorry for the late reply! but, yes, you may use my video on your blog as long as you credit me with a link back to V o c a l i s e ./

  3. The beginning of this song look like some famous movie, i think it copy from Lord of The Ring. Anyone have similar western, do pm me!

  4. sheitan


    Actually, the beginning of this song is sampled from Handels Sarabande…

    For your information, Handel was a German-English Baroque composer who lived in the 18th century…

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