Today is my GOOD and BAD day

HI long time not see you all ^^/”
How are you? Have a nice day? or maybe have a bad day?

To me today is my GOOD and BAD day.
The Good day is I buy “劇場版 空の境界 第五章「矛盾螺旋」画コンテ集”, price is $49 is about Kara no kyoukai movie script dialog in movie 5 ~mujun Rasen~ or more familiar is ~paradox spiral~. And Lucky is, that book is the last book that I found in store ^^. Ok, take a look a cover, sorry I not have a camera to took a picture for this item.

And Bad day was, my father and my mother is fight (not psychical but emotional). The problem is simple, just about food. For detail I not very remember ==”. and other bad news, I got migraine >.<, my head very hurt , just like someone hit my left head #.#.

ok that my post for today. Hope you all have a good day.

Untuk semua temen” yang ber-agama Hindu, Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Saka 1929.
Semoga dalm malaksanakan pen-nyepi-an dapat berlangsung dengan lancar
(maaf kl ada kata” kurang mengenakan, bingung mau nulisnya ==”)

Good Luck and Be Healthy

See you again next time

^^/” Bye”


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4 responses to “Today is my GOOD and BAD day

  1. sorry to hear about your bad day…maybe i can cheer you up a bit?

    Guin Saga – Trailer 2

    you can hear a preview of Kanon’s 「Saga~This is my road」 playing in the background starting approx @ 2:23. sounds heavenly!

  2. wow thanks u so much ^^
    can wait for a new single / album from kanon >.<
    thanks for info and the link m(_ _)m

  3. dentonboyz

    $49… :matabelo:
    wow… almost half my room cost…

  4. i’ve uploaded 「Saga~This is my road」 on my site media player here:


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