Anime Spring 2009!

Anime Spring 2009 will release ! SO, what anime you will watch in this spring ?

(click the image to enlarge)

(image credit belong the person who make this list anime)

my anime list in this spring is (maybe not all anime I will watch in my list):

  1. Hayate no Gotoku 2
  2. Pandora Heart
  3. 07-Ghost
  4. Tears of Tiara
  5. Natsu no Arashi
  6. Kiniro No Corda
  7. Shangri-La
  8. Phantom requiem for the Phantom
  9. Full metal Alchemist
  10. Guin Saga

So, what your list?

It’s Kanon…………!!!!!!!!!

4月5日(日)よりスタートする大作TVアニメーション 「グイン・サーガ」のエンディングテーマに、
カノンが書き下ろした「Saga~This is my road」が決定しました!

放送日:4/5(日)より、毎週日曜 23:29から放送開始
番組名:NHK BS2 「グイン・サーガ」
楽曲名:「Saga~This is my road」(作詞作曲・編曲:カノン)

source: kanon official

and thanks to ゼラ about kanon ^^
(happy >.<)

btw, new version list ^^ (thanks to anonymus from idws forum)


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5 responses to “Anime Spring 2009!

  1. BlueZodiac

    Well… I would’ve wanted to watch Spring’s Anime cause most of them are interesting but somehow… I am even having troubles in catching up to the latest anime this Winter and haven’t even watch one of them.
    Though I am planning to take on Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo for the sake of watching the company who made Mai-HiME…

    Uhm… List you ask? Then here it is… (Even though I might not be able to watch them on time during Spring)

    00. Pandora Hearts
    01. Shangri-La
    02. K-ON
    03. Winter Sonata
    04. Saki
    05. Queen’s Blade
    06. Asura Cryin’
    07. Hatsukoi Gentei
    08. Fight Ippatsu Juuden-chan
    09. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom
    10. Natsu no Arashi

    Eleven all in all. Hehe!
    I apologize for putting “00” in numbering for Pandora Hearts but it’s just that I ever wanted to watch it even before I knew it would be a Spring Anime.

    It’s for the sole reason of Yuki Kajiura composing music for that anime and for the nice character designs and interesting story. Hehe!
    Just like how I watched Kara no Kyoukai because Yuki Kajiura composed the music for the anime.
    But because of watching for the sole purpose of watching the anime Yuki Kajiura composed for, I have met such an amazing anime movie.
    And I met one of the coolest woman in there who is “Touko” ^_^
    I bet she’s your favorite too seeing your blog banners and all, right?

  2. @BlueZodiac
    your comment why always in spam box ==”

    Touko-san yes she my fav char ^^, I love her voice ^//^ so cool!

  3. deathafterkarma

    A List, you ask.

    1. Eden of the east
    2. Senjou no valkyria
    3. K-On!
    4. Shangri-La
    5. Fullmetal Alchemist

    5 series so far.

    I will play this season by ear like I did this season and last fall.
    Its worked out pretty well so far.

  4. you may also want to add Guin Saga to your list since our beloved Kanon has a written a NEW SONG for it! it’s called 「Saga~This is my road」. hope they’ll release a promo trailer/CM!

  5. @ゼラ
    eh really ? @_@!
    must search the song ^^
    thanks for info ^^.

    (update my list) … power up dash!

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