Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of sinner~ chapter 5 – pardox spiral is ob sale today! and Ga Rei -Zero- DVD 3 is ready for sale !

hoho, long time no see ^^/”. Just online for a while, and give a little information. Photobucket

Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of sinner~ chapter 5 -paradox spiral is release in japan!!!! You can buy it in amazon, yes-asia, ebay or other site have service like that .(I want to buy it too Photobucket)

This DVD have two type for limited release and not limited (I forget what should I write =//=”). Take a look the picture (click the image to enlarge), is taken form official site: karanokyoukai.com

You can check it in here : DVD5
You can torrent but RAW version :
[EiEn-acg][DVDrip]劇場版 空の境界/「第五章 矛盾螺旋」(848×480 x264 24f CQ18 AC3)
Now back to Ga Rei -Zero- , the 3rd DVD will release in 27 February 2009, same like Kara no kyoukai this DVD is have limited edition too.
Let’s take a look the image form is 3rd DVD, before get edit. is pure with out logo and number of DVD ^^;a (click the image to enlarge)

dvd3.1 dvd3.2 dvd box

You can check here for informatin (japanese language) : ga-rei.jp

other picture taken from official site (thanks to official site ga rei) : (click the image to enlarge)

Ga Rei DVD 1

dvd1.2 dvd box 1

Ga Rei DVD 2
dvd2.1 dvd2.1-1
dvd2.2 dvd2.2-2 dvd box

my little picture editing, I hope you like it. I will try my best to make a more good wallpaper amin.

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12

13 14 15 1617

My favorite character in “Ga rei -Zero-” is Isayama Yomi. Photobucket
I really like it, maybe because I want to have sister

See you again soon after I finish my final exam for my semester (now semester 5) PhotobucketBye”


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4 responses to “Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of sinner~ chapter 5 – pardox spiral is ob sale today! and Ga Rei -Zero- DVD 3 is ready for sale !

  1. IcyWind

    I wanna buy it too, ya know. KnK Movie 5. . . On a sidenote, your blog design is exactly, as I was about to make mine. .. EVIL!!!

  2. IcyWind

    Did I forget to mention that the picture edition has been done quite professionally? I didn’t notice it was edited, until I read that you edited it. Nice work, really.

  3. Thanks U ^//^;a

    For official picture Kara no Kyoukai , Iwill update it in other post. Just wait it ok ^^.

    Now I’m study for my final exam this semester
    Sorry m(_ _)m

    See you again. ^^/”


    (little edit, forgot to write ==”)

  4. IcyWind

    I checked out your new post. I was looking for exactly those kinds of images of KNK. That sentence about you, liking white this week made me laugh so much! What about next week? I like you, mate. Great sense of humour. I wish you luck on your examination. 😉

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