Ga Rei (喰霊) – Manga (END) – (update link torrent & DDL)


I update the volume 1 to volume 6 and chapter 29.
Check my other post for next update.
complete the series (sorry forget to check again ><' )

Ga Rei manga is sequel of “Ga Rei Zero”, but the manga is already sell before “Ga rei zero” is start in television.

After you watch “Ga Rei Zero”, you must read the manga. But little different form anime, like Kagura father death and when Yomi become evil.

In chapter 1, is continue story from anime, and flash back about Kazuki. Kazuki before meet Kagura and Yomi. He got first kiss with Kagura in accident hen try to run from Yomi. Last of this chapter is Kagura is got transfer to Kazuki school. for rest story, you can download it here, I will update it, so always check this post ok ^^.

You can read in here: One Manga
Or maybe you want to download it in here:
volume : 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6
chapter: 28 | 29
Also check in here for new release manga in Japan :

Don’t forget to buy original when this manga already license in your country, just like you help you favorite Mangaka.

Look like I forget yo update this series ==a
btw I found torrent link from volume 1 to 10 :
Ga-rei ​_v01-10​_[Entropy][Kuu] (detail)
Submitter: Anonymous | Size: 526.28MB | Date: 2009-12-10 21:52 UTC | Comment: Ga-rei v01-10 [Entropy][Kuu][Maigo] ( Ongoing )

From maigo fansubs: mediafire folder (from chapter 45-52) <<credit to them
where the anime for “ga Rei” ?_? (lantis where are you, make ga rei to be anime please….. Yomi i miss you so much T_T )


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4 responses to “Ga Rei (喰霊) – Manga (END) – (update link torrent & DDL)

  1. erger

    saol süper 😀

  2. ah untung kamu upload di MF jun :top:

    yang di idws di server 19 semua….

    yang punay xia gak urut =.=

    tq yah

  3. sama2
    sekrang inet aq yang ngambek ama mediafire ==”

  4. Oh my… I finally found this! Thanks a million!

    The torrent still has a lot of seed, and the Mediafire folder is working properly.

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