Ga rei Zero – CM Video

This is Ga Rei Zero CM. The DVD already release in Japan, if you go to japan you can buy it, and also if you in you country you can buy it too ^//^;a.




DVD Picture :





(before edit/original)


little edit ^^ picture (after):

You can check in here:

DVD 1 | DVD 2

Hope, Ga Rei will have a next season Photobucket


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5 responses to “Ga rei Zero – CM Video

  1. bluezodiac

    Thank you so much for sharing these to us Jun Shibuya! ^_^
    I love Ga-Rei Zero and hoping for a second season too.
    And if they would I’m sure they would adapt the manga and for sure, they would make even a little or more changes of story in contrast to the manga, just like how many of the animes were when they were adapted from the manga.

    Really… What a waste those characters were who died in the first episode. You know… the coolest defense squad that were wiped out instantly. HUHU!
    I wish they would make an OVA regarding them too.
    Also, are there extra episodes from the DVDs?
    Just curious to know. I can’t read Japanese so I can’t rely on the contents from their official website.

  2. same like me, I can’t read Japanese too ==”, but if listening I can little bit. Some time I use Japanese text just for looking image or searching something (I always use translator =//=”; 98% I use my feeling to read Japanese text _//_ “)

    If I not wrong the defense squad 4, is die in one night in Yomi hand ==”. Yomi to superior.

    I hope so, they will make OVA and make the next series or maybe make movie series like Kara no Kyoukai ^^;

    In limited edition is include extra episode, about how to make the series (I use translator ==”)

  3. BlueZodiac

    I see…
    Thanks for the info.
    I use google translator too but the sentences are kinda like scrambled so I sometimes can’t understand what they’re trying to say.
    And yeah it’d be good if they make a movie too in showing the pasts of those defense squad 4 members.
    They sure are interesting characters too.
    I was told by the fansubber of Ga-Rei -Zero- that there were no extra episodes that they need to translate for.
    Also what do you mean by extra episodes? Like there are scenes not shown in the TV but shown from the DVD? If it is, then the fansubbers should include subbing it too.
    Sad to say I can’t afford importing a DVD from Japan so I rely on fansubs and those ISOs available in the net. (T^T)

  4. I use google translate too ^//^;a little strange for the language (like English to indonesia too lol)

    extra episode is the making of the “Ga rei -Zero-“, it only include in limited edition.

    I found in fansub too, but in RAW version. Zero-raw fansub is always release in extra episode from limited edition dvd.

    ISO ==” the size is too big >.<. Is make me remember when ryakko 5th movie is already in torrent the frist link in torrent and the size is 7 GB ==”.

    My God! ==”
    but when gg-takajun is release it, the size more smaller (1.66 GB)

  5. Anonymous

    ” I’m alone and lonely. Do you know how that feel? It’s make me fall down into darkness and never find the light anymore…”

    I think if you know about darkness … you can find the light although it ‘s so small like the tale of pandora..the only thing that remain in the
    pandora ‘s box is hope (hope = light) ^0^

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