Play game and forum ^^

Ok, what should I write in here? hmmm……….
I always online in this forum ““, and I got some award ^//^;a

Blogger award ^//^;a Is great and I never think that I can get some award ^//^; But in award is not have image (maybe the admin is think what image should be put in this award)


Thanks for all member, MVU, moderator, super moderator and admin for this award m(_ _)m

And today for first time I play “Viwawa“, you can find my nick is “shibuyajun” in this web ^^. Is fun I cant play and talk with people.

I finish this post, I don’t know what I gonna write in here ^//^;a. And thanks for visit my blog


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2 responses to “Play game and forum ^^

  1. wah.. cc jun blognya keren juga.. ampe dapet award dari IDWS.. xDD

    gw da ga pernah ke idws nih belakangan.. T.T

    wah.. cc maen viwawa jg ^^
    maen apa aja? capsa? groword? =p

  2. junshibuya

    itu juga ampe bengong pas dapetnya, tiba2 dapet PM, dapet award gitu ^^;a

    viwawa aq baru maen yg match it ama sushiso (kl gak salh namanya itu)

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