Gackt – Jesus [2008.11.26]


Download (mp3 song “Jesus”):
mp3 : + lyric

Download (single album):
indowebster (Indonesia Only) : (credit to cataku ^^ )
Mediafire (international) :

I will upload in mediafire, I got fast speed in this upload site, 256kb/s ^o^, but when I upload in 4shared I only get 12-14 kb/s ~_~”. So, I will upload in media fire.


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8 responses to “Gackt – Jesus [2008.11.26]

  1. Julius

    OH my you gt the website to dl Gackt’s new album!!
    thanks for posting the site!
    I’d looking for gackt’s new song for lik ages!
    Well, I’m Gackt’s fans.

  2. junshibuya

    You welcome, I hope you like it ^^
    I’m Gackt Fans too ^^

  3. Julius

    btw, i should ask for permission b4 i dl the Jesus.
    Am I allowed?
    Btw, do u have friendster?
    ur blog is cool btw!
    I’m frm Malaysia.
    m fs is

  4. junshibuya

    Yes, why not?
    I make this, so everybody can hear and know about Gackt.
    My FS: (not very update =//= )
    I from Indonesia ^^
    Nice to meet you ^^

  5. Julius

    btw, i cant wait for his Bunraku movie to come out!!
    ahh, I added you there.
    nice to meet you too!
    do you have msn?

  6. junshibuya

    I not have msn, only have yahoo and gmail

  7. Julius

    ahh, then u add m wit my hotmail.
    we can talk about gackt all day long over there.
    ha.ha. 🙂

  8. junshibuya

    Ok ^^b

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