Busy >.<“


Oh, my this week and next weeks is very – very busy >.<. All my task must finish in this two weeks, so for a while, I can’t post and upload Kanon song in international site (maybe when I free, I will upload it).


Gomen gomen m(_ _)m For this two week I really must finish my task and must study for my exam (it will start in next month ).


I must up my own study score and my skill. I don’t want my score is drop like last semester. So, sorry for all of my guest, I can’t post or maybe upload some songs in international link, I must focus my study.

I really sorry for this, after I finish all my task and my exam, I will post and upload some song again.

See you again, and good luck for me and you. Thanks for visit my blog ^^.



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3 responses to “Busy >.<“

  1. keren banget postnya ayame chan ^^, tottemo kawaii ne ^^
    mata ne

  2. tetapo semangat biar sibuk juga ^^

  3. junshibuya

    yuk sama2 ^^

    yosh gambarruuu
    br ada proggresss sih dikit2 ^^;a
    sibuk ampe pegel sendiri ^^”a

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