It’s NOT only About Money!

It’s a fact that most people work for money. It cannot be denied that salary and financial compensation are important factors when choosing a job, and when choosing to stay or to leave.


What motivates an employee and what does not motivate him ?

Basic Factors

A decent basic salary and safe working environment are just BASIC factors that make people want to work in your company. Without these basic factors, people don’t even want to work for you ! So if you are a manager or a business owner, do not wrongly assume that just because you pay your employees a decent salary (UMR or slightly above UMR, or market rate), you expect them to be motivated. Wrong ! People are NOT MOTIVATED by basic salary ! A decent basic salary is NOT a motivational factor. It is only a basic factor.

Motivational Factors
If you hope for your employees to be motivated, you must give the following :
* Challenging work that allows people to expand their abilities
* An environment where people can learn
* An environment where people can enjoy the interaction between colleagues
* Recognition for their efforts
* An environment of respect and self respect

It is only when these factors are present in their work will employees be MOTIVATED. Otherwise, they will only be doing their job for a living, and nothing else.

Therefore, a manager must know the difference between Basic Factors and Motivational Factors. So in your workplace, are you only providing Basic Factors or Motivational Factors ?

An important Motivational Factor is Recognition for their effort. This can be in the form of a Reward or an Award. There are 1001 ways to show your employee that you appreciate his effort. Here are some common ideas :
* Financial incentive
* Prizes
* A day off
* A paid-for holiday trip
* An opportunity to park in the boss’s parking lot
* An opportunity to work from the boss’s office for 1 week
* Being introduced and having lunch with the CEO, etc

It Not Only WHAT You Give,

It’s Also About HOW You Give It !

People are suckers for celebration, ceremony and fanfare. So pay attention to HOW you give the award. Otherwise, all the effort is wasted and your employee does not feel that he truly deserves it, or that you really appreciate him. Here are some ideas to make sure that your employee REALLY FEELS appreciated and recognized when he receives the award.

1.  Choose an appropriate person to give the award. The person who gives the award to the employee does not always have to be the CEO. Choose a person who is meaningful. Ideally, choose a person who knows the employee personally. One idea is to get the employee’s appreciative CUSTOMER to present award to him with a short speech of why he personally thinks this employee truly deserves the award. Can you imagine if the employee’s mother (or even grandfather) has been secretly invited to present the award to him on stage ! A truly touching and memorable experience ! Be creative when choosing the person who gives the award. Often, a little extra effort can have really significant effort.

2. The Presenter must know about the reward. The presenter must know the name of the award. He must know the objective behind giving the award. He must know the criteria for winning so that he has a clear understanding of how qualified/committed the winner is so that his short speech should reflect this appreciation and admiration. So if you are the person who is sometimes selected to give an award, please take it seriously. It may not mean much to you, but it could mean the whole world to the person receiving the award. Maybe he has been waiting his whole life for this moment on stage ! It is his moment of glory ! Take it seriously or ask someone else to do it cos you don’t deserve to give the award ! Sorry

3. Invite their colleague to comment on the winner. It is a good idea for someone else to say something nice about the winner on stage, to everyone who is present. This is another form of recognition that shows that other people also appreciate his effort.

4.  Give the winner a chance to comment. This is always a touching moment. The winner may not want to say anything, but it is always a good idea to offer him the opportunity anyway. You will be surprised at how he feels about this recognition that he has just received. However beware of those who would speak forever until he is “booed” off the stage ! So make sure that he is given a maximum of 3 minutes to speak.

Often, it is not the price of the prize. Often what makes it so significant, touching and memorable is the WAY in which the award is given. So give it sincerely. Your employee deserves it !

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