Kanon – Video Collection 1

My Kanon Video Collection (from around internet I found)

kanon – gloria.flv

kanon – you_raise_me_up_.avi


kanon – Brand_New_Breeze.flv

tvcf_purin1.flv (with kanon song for background)

tvcf_cake.flv (with kanon song for background)

CF_cartoon_DS_okashi.flv (with kanon song for background)

official website : http://www.bgbcom.com/kanon/
Official discography :http://www.bgbcom.com/kanon/discography/
official diary: http://ameblo.jp/kanondiary/
sony music : http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/SR/kanon/


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5 responses to “Kanon – Video Collection 1

  1. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH FOR THESE!!! Kanon is my #1 favorite artist, too! i’ve been looking for live perfs from her, but it’s so hard to find ANYTHING. (>.<) i’ve been wanting to start a fan site for her to increase awareness about her, but i’m just so busy with school. maybe one of these days…i hope she releases another single soon. it’s been a while since the last one, hasn’t it??

    btw, do you know if she has a live dvd or something like that because i would SO buy it!!!

  2. junshibuya

    this year Kanon will release new single (if I not wrong)
    For live DVD, I can’t find it to ==”
    In official site, I only find only CD song ==”

    Maybe you can check in Kanon official site for reference :
    or maybe in amazon (I never buy in amazon ==” )

  3. she has some dvd’s listed, but they’re related to anime series. plus, they’re so $$$. (O.o) if i were to invest in any of them, i think i’ll go with the ones for La Corda d’Oro, which i enjoyed watching. i’ll let you know what’s on them if i do decide to buy one (or more) of them.

    thanks, anyways, for trying to help! i believe the new song will be Sea of Love. is that right? it’s supposed to be the CM theme song for some new luxury resort. have you heard anything about it?

  4. junshibuya

    sorry late to replay, I just check in Kanon official site

    楽曲タイトル:「Sea of Love」(作詞・作曲 カノン)

    ahh I can’t wait it >.<

    I will try to find some information about this song, but I can’t read Japanese :((, only can hear it =((.

    Need help to translate it….

    thanks for your information too ^^

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