Happy ^_^


Today I’m very happy, I found Kanon song wile I browsing around google. And finally I can found all most Kanon Song but only two single “Kiseki Song of Love” and “Wings to Fly~翼をください/虹/明日への鼓動” that I can’t found in net ( I hope I found it).

It fun and interesting when you got what you want. But the problem now is how to upload in international site? Tell you the truth that my connection day by day is getting slow ( why the admin is stingky ?). Until today, I can’t load Media fire page, ziddu site is got attack, in 4shared my upload speed is very very slow (oh my, why is happend to me)http://emo.huhiho.com

And today my last holiday (ahh, I want more holiday~~~!). I almost forgot, my task is not finish yet (I forgot to finish it)

I want to say thanks to my friend in indowebster, the nickname is Cataku (sometime I called cataq[is like “Katak” in Indonesia or in English is “Frog”], and more funny I called she “chubby” (why? I don’t really know it, but everyone in forum almost call her “Chubby”). For Cataku (chubby-saru chan) thanks for upload Kanon song in Indowebster is very helpful me to download it. Also thanks for all my friends in Indowebster forum, my holiday is not be lonely when I chat with all of you. It make me very happy, that make me feel that I’m not alone

For my mother, thanks to call me every day (sorry, I can’t call you everyday) that make me fill not alone here. For my father, always keep healthy and for my older brother thanks for lead me to the future. And also sorry, that I not very serious in study (but I will try my best).

Thanks to all of you, who visit, read, or just look this blog. I will try my best to write a good thing for everyone that can learn something new.


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2 responses to “Happy ^_^

  1. cataku

    noooooooo tjulun!!! give me back my good name…. 😦

  2. junshibuya

    I will think that later :p
    In forum why you respon when I call you chubby-saru ? *laugh* (sorry – sorry, btw thanks for visit and hope we will a good friends.)

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